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NANY 2012 Release: Flipside

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Updated with more description, screenshots, and even a build of the game you can download and play around with.

Combat has not yet been implemented, so it's not really a game yet. It's more like just a toy/tech demo for now.

Deozaan, if you want to make any more changes/updates to the program before releasing it, let me know. It's a great app, and we want to get it screencasted as soon as possible. The way mouser and I know these apps are ready is when the authors change "Pledge" and/or "Early Beta" in the OP title to include the word Release.

I'm still working on it. It's not quite ready for release. In fact, the latest changes I've made to it make it less playable than the previously released early alpha version while I transition from the unstructured free-for-all gameplay to implementing combat and enforcing turns.

No sweat. Several hours left (hey, no pressure, right?  :P )

I've just uploaded the official NANY release. It could still use some work but it's a lot further along than I thought I'd be able to get it since last night.


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