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SOLVED: Change a print job name currently in my print queue


I use an application which generates printouts of documents.  The app will not allow me to see the printout before I print it and I cannot print to a virtual printer (like a PDF print driver).  But since I want to visually view the output first and only print what I need, I pause the printer via the windows Pause Printing function from the print queue and use an app which allows me to view the print jobs (SPLViewer).  I often need to keep several print jobs in the queue until I am ready to print them (and many I may never print). Since this app which generates the printout gives the print job name a meaningless name, I'd love a way to rename the print job as it appears in the Windows Print queue.  I'm thinking the job name must be an attribute stored in a file (I think it's in the *.SHD file in the Windows\systems32\spool\printers directory).  I would love to see if there is a script that can allow me to easily pick a job in the queue and rename that job from it's meaningless name to something more meaningful like "DeLuca Contract 20111031".  It would be totally awesome if that same app allowed me to view the SPL file (spool file) generated or just launch the existing app I use to view the spool file.  

Is this something possible?  

I found a freeware tool that allows you to manage your print queue, view jobs and rename jobs.  So it's exacly what I needed.  QControl at

and another - Cobra Print Viewer

it's not free (though it doesn't appear to be too expensive) and I've no idea how good it might be, but it seems to cover the points you mentioned...

Thanks.  I actually tested Cobra and chatted with the developer via email a few times.  I gave him some feedback which apparently was helpful as he just came out with an version that addressed one of my issues with it.  The key issue with it was that while it does allow me to rename and it also allowed me to view the spool file, it did not allow me to zoom on the view.  Qcontrol also has this limitation (and also allows me to view/rename) and is free so I will stick with that.  When I need to zoom on the spool files, I use SPLView (which is great for viewing/zooming but does not allow me to rename).  So it's two tools I'm stuck with to get everything I need but QControl is what I have now used daily for a week or so and it's quite capable and fast.  It's only once in a while I need to zoom and that is when I then fire up SPLView which is also free.


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