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How to report wikipedia error?

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After hunting around for 20 minutes, and reading lots of text describing contacting wikipedia, I'm still none the wiser about how to report an error in one of their bios.
 Can anyone tell me, or even better, is their a wikipedia heavy out there who could make a simple fix for me please?

I'm seeing, on Tsai Chin's (蔡琴)  page ( , that she died today. (11/11/11). No reference to it in the asian newspapers Ive checked, so I think it's wrong. It would make it to the front page of the singapore straits times if it were true for example. And I hate seeing it there - it's freaking me out - as her music means a lot to me .

You just change it - not report it AFAIK.  Anyone can edit the page.  If its not true, someone else will probably edit it today if you don't.

+1 for wraith

And it looks like it's already been changed. :)

It's still there.  If you're not *sure* but want to notify someone, I did find a place to post it.

You take a diff of the pages like so:

and post the URL with your concerns.

thanks very much for your help. :)


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