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transfer handwritten numbers into digits



my task is this:

I will write numbers in a grid paper like this:

I want to identify rectangular sections of relevant numbers (columns and rows), so that the computer will know which numbers correspond to what
Then I want to convert the data into text and audio, so that I will hear it as I see it to make human verification fast and easy

how can I do this?


Well, it's some years since I was involved in this area, but I would suggest that you may have a fairly typical requirement here.

My experience was limited to implementing applications that could:

* Scan a known (predefined) form layout.
* Capture handwritten and/or MICR characters on the form.
* OCR the characters captured.
* Output the data from the relevant fields on the form into a database.
Accuracy was very important, because the data captured in the process was financial transaction data (it was for a bank).

I think this is the sort of thing that you seem to be after. Voice output would probably be a secondary step to the above process.

I had a quick google on "OCR form reader", and at the head of ths list was Recogniform Desktop Reader

Hope this helps or is of use.


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