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Progress report etc.

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Here's a little something -- upgrading the version of fsekrit.   A utility would be handy, as upgrading a bunch of files is going to be a bit tedious!

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This is something that I have been thinking of myself. I'm already considering a "mass convert .txt -> .exe" utility, perhaps that could be suitable for version upgrading as well. I'm not entirely sure on how to construct it, though... I can understand that many people will be using the same password for all files, even if it's somewhat of a security risk. Oh well, once I add salt and random-block-prefix, it will be much less of an issue.

Btw, please take the beta version for a spin and see if you can find any bugs, weirdness, unintended behaviour, or things that could be improved upon - thanks :)

I've downloaded it and replaced the 'emtpy' copy I keep on my c: drive -- I'll take it for a thorough test later on.

As for converting, perhaps even something as simple as an 'upgrade' option in the menu of an already opened file where it prompts you for the location of the new exe and upgrades from there.  It would still be easier than opening two side by side, copying one into the other, closing the old one and overwriting it with the new one.  Would save a few steps.  The obvious downside there, would be the upgrade mechanism would be increasing the file size, eh?

I have fewer than a dozen to upgrade at the moment, at least, so it's not like I'm going to lose any sleep over it.  :)

this is a really interesting issue i hadn't even considered..
looking forward to hear what you come up with.


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