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Love WorkFlowy, hate web apps.. What to do?

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Here's a quick review of Planz:

Loosely belonging to the same category. Scrivener for windows has reached 1.0

Prefer a more traditional planning environment? View and edit the synopses and meta-data of your documents in Scrivener’s powerful outliner. Organise your ideas using as many or few levels as you want and drag and drop to restructure your work. Check word counts, see what’s left to do using the Status column. Scrivener’s outliner is easy on the eyes, too, making it ideal for reading and revising an overview of a section, chapter or even the whole draft.
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Hi Tranglos -- just to let you know that there's another build, W3,  adding a couple new useful features and solving a few problems (like clipping when IE9 is installed).


  I'm one of the creators of Checkvist, and this tool is worth considering regarding your needs.

  Please note, Checkvist is strongly keyboard-centric, it is supposed you can do almost everything from the keyboard.

> - Ability to hold more than 1 line of text in an item. Few desktop apps can do that, and almost none does it well. Even MLO can't, and when you're limited to one-liners, you can't really type what you're thinking. Adding notes in a separate pane is not a substitute, since you have to constantly jump between the outline and the notes pane, which kills your flow!

   You can add new line when adding an item with Shift+Enter - thus adding multiline text.
> - Fast instant search with filtering, just like WorkFlowy! No Ctrl+F and show a dialog box, that's so 1990s!

  You have this. Focus filtering field with '/' and start typing.

> - Virtual views, where items are filtered based on user criteria (and shown as a flat list). MLO does that.

  If you filter your list (using tags, due dates, changed: last week etc.) you can create a permalink to such filtered view, which will keep your filtering + collapse/expand state of the items. This permalink can be sent to you colleagues (you need to share your list explicitly first).

> - Keyboard shortcuts to edit/rearrange the outline structure

  Use '?' to see keyboard shortcuts - there are many. Ctrl + Up/Down/Home/End to rearrange items, Tab, Shift+Tab etc.

> - Some form of appending additional, unobtrusive notes to items.

  Use 'nn' shortcut to add notes. Also try 'aa' shortcut for more commands.

  Please write [email protected] if you have any questions.
  All the best,

UPDATED sorry, I didn't see that Checkvist had already been mentioned in the thread.


  I'm one of the creators of Checkvist, and this tool is worth considering regarding your needs.
-maxkir (November 17, 2011, 02:18 AM)
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Welcome to DonationCoder, and thanks for making this important disclosure. However, it appears you may have missed the words "hate web apps" in the title of the post. Or do you have an offline version?


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