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PhraseExpress Pro with 70% discount - Celebrate with Us!

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Please enjoy a 70% discount and get PhraseExpress at a whopping 70% discount.

Please use this link to get the discount. The promotion is valid through 11/06/2011.

-seems to be a fine offer,

Licensing of the Stand-Alone Editions is made on a per-computer basis. You need a separate license for each Stand-Alone installation.
--- End quote ---

How easy will it be next year to move the program to the next computer of mine?

You can register and de-register as often as you like:


Sales and offers often signals brand-new or soon-to-be-replaced. Version 8 was launched 11 months ago, but your site is missing a history of the previous versions 1-7, so I wonder how long I can expect it will take, before it is replaced by version 9?

We don't entertain a fixed release schedule. A new version is published when it is mature and suitable for a release.

Anyway, its easy math: This 70% discount plus the 50% upgrade discount for any future v9 still makes it a great opportunity.


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