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PhraseExpander 3, smart text expander software for customer care

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It will probably more interesting to compare "PhraseExpander" (quite smart name, Andrea) against the upcoming freeware that seem to look almost identical:

Let me suggest that alternatives have been presented, and that everyone can investigate the differences and their needs and decide which is best for them.

There is a bit of a history on the forum of debates between these different programs, and we don't need to rehash it on every thread.  Let's leave it at that and not debate this back and forth on this thread further.

I'd also suggest we leave off the topic at this point.  -wraith808 (November 04, 2011, 09:48 AM)
--- End quote ---

Too late  :-\

I don't want to end up in a fight here (actually I wanted just to announce the availability of a new product before the discussion was highjacked).
Anyway, just to prevent of being accused of copying the copy the InstaPhrase website, I would just like to point out that I've just received this notification that tell me that the InstaPhrase page has been changed and you know what? It looks identical to mine.
Please look at this picture!/PhraseExpander/status/133474658459721728/photo/1

So, I'd suggest the people of BartelsMedia to stop doing this!

I know that both of you are just trying to make a living.  I don't see why for one to succeed, the other must fail, but with the animosity, it seems like both of you might just believe that, and I'm sorry for both of you, as you both have excellent products that I'd like to see succeed, especially since there are real people behind both of these companies.

That said, this is not the forum for such things.  We come here for a relaxing, supporting environment, where people get along, and there aren't flame wars.

As guests here (neither supporters... hmmm?) we'd ask you to refrain from such actions, as good guests will.  Take it to your own boards.  Or somewhere else.  But consider this an online Geneva, where cooler heads prevail, and everyone is neutral, so that your arguments would fall on deaf ears in any case.

And I know that a shot was fired over the bow with the last post, but surely we can stop the tit-for-tat there, and not respond any further to these kinds of things, can't we?


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