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IDEA: Add "Notes" tab to File/Folder Properties, right after Customize...

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There was once a nifty proggy that did that but it has disappeared after the author abandoned it.  It added a Notes Tab to the screen when you click on Properties.  In that page I was delighted to write WHERE I found the download/file, the DATE I installed it, HOW it worked for me and why or why not it was uninstalled (and still had the Notes Tab altho in the Recycle Bin).  It was a large enough page to make NOTES, preserve any Passwords or Serial Numbers associated with the Program like even short instructions or Notes for a File where I could note names, phone numbers, email address, etc.  Yes, I KNOW I could set up a TEXT file to go along with the other file(s) and then have to make a Folder for both of them but it would be so much nicer to be able to have it in the Properties pop up Tab.  I am not a programmer but if I was, I would be on this like fast!  And even as Shareware it would go for say, $5....for up to Win7.... Thanks for reading....

Are you running 32 bit or 64 bit Windows?

If 32 bit, you can install TipOff

I no longer have it accessible in the menus on my page because I have moved to a hotkey based download comment program. But if you like a small edit box where you can type in comments, this supports about 4000 characters or so... at least for ANSI.

The screen shot you see on the web page shows the ToolTip behavior that gave the program its name.  But in the Comment Tab of the Properties Page you get a standard Edit Box control.

You right click a file, click Properties, and you'll see a Comment Tab.
It's an Explorer shell extension.  For that reason it does not work in 64 bit Windows.

Here's a screen shot of the Edit Box in the Comment Tab. It's an old screen shot.  I started doing these Comment shell extensions about 10 years ago.  I have no longer any desire to redo them as 64 bit.  They worked, but Windows doesn't really serve up the comment in snappy fashion. It's just kind of a clunky way to get to it. Even with the ToolTip there was a lag between mouse hover and the tool tip display.

Another approach, run TreePadGen on your download folder. It will generate a TreePad file that you can use with TreePadLite. Basically every file name is a node in that folder with an empty comment.  Click a node, type or paste a comment on the right side.

Since I've been doing this over 10 years I've come to the conclusion there's no really really good way to do it from the outside. It should really be a function of the file system.

In any case, you can download TreePadGen from this page:

Thanks Miles, TipOff works just like I hoped and in fact, I have used it now in about 5 files that needed descriptions and sources!  It works in FILES but not in FOLDERS so I am going to play around with TreePadGen and see if that is what I need for FOLDERS.  Yes, I am running 32bit Win7U.  Again, thanks a lot for your help and I will return the favor...


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