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IDEA: Add "Notes" tab to File/Folder Properties, right after Customize...

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@olamoree I found some code on AutoIt3 forum that can open a tab in the property page for a file.  Could you try it out?

You can download AutoIt3 here:

What should happen is the Property Page for notepad.exe should be open to the Comment Tab when you run it.  That's all it does. You'll see a black round icon in the Task Tray. Just right click and click Exit to kill the test program. As soon as the program that opened the Property Page stops running, the Property Page will close.  That's why I plan to implement it as a hotkey sitting in the Tray.  if it works you can set it up to start with Windows.

If it works you can just select file(s) in Explorer and hit the hotkey. All the selected files should open Property Page to the Comment tab.  I tried the function on my Windows 7 machine and it seems to work ok.

If you don't have or wish to download AutoIt3 to run the test script let me know and I can compile it to exe.  That's no problem.

I just want to make sure it works for you before adding hotkey stuff.

--- ---Global Const $SHOP_PRINTERNAME=1    ; $sObjName = printer friendly name
Global Const $SHOP_FILEPATH=2       ; $sObjName = full pathname to file
Global Const $SHOP_VOLUMEGUID=4     ; $sObjName = Drive Path ("C:\") or Volume GUID ("\\?\Volume\{2eca078d-5cbc-43d3-aff8-7e8511f60d0e}\)")

$notepad = @WindowsDir & "\notepad.exe"
$tab = "Comment"

If Not _FILEPropertiesDialog($notepad,$tab) Then
MsgBox(0x1010,"","Open Property Page for Notepad Failed!")

While 1

Func _FILEPropertiesDialog($sObjName,$sPropPage="",$iObjType=0x02,$hWnd=0)
    Local $sPropPageType="ptr"
    If IsString($sPropPage) And $sPropPage<>"" Then
    Local $aRet=DllCall("shell32.dll","bool","SHObjectProperties","hwnd",$hWnd,"dword",$iObjType,"wstr",$sObjName,$sPropPageType,$sPropPage)
    If @error Then Return SetError(2,@error,False)
    If Not $aRet[0] Then Return SetError(3,0,False)
    Return True

I hacked together this little tray hotkey in case it comes in handy.  You can select one or more files in Explorer, then press Control F6 to display the Property Page for them all at once.  By default it tries to set the Tab to the Comment tab. You can change the tab it tries to open using the Tray Menu. If the tab specified doesn't exist there's no error. The default tab is displayed(usually General).

If you select several files give it a few seconds.  The property page dialogs will appear, then it will try to space them across the screen.  The Property dialogs may jump around a bit until it's done. :)

You can use the Tray Menu or edit the .ini file to change the hotkey.
Double click the Tray Icon to get an About Box.  That pretty much is all the usage info needed.

If you try to change the hotkey and there's an error, you'll get an error message, then it will try to go back to the previous hotkey. If that also fails, another error message then the program will quit since there's no way to use it until a valid hotkey is specified.  To revert to the defaults just delete the .ini file while the program is not running.

Here's a zip with the exe. Just unzip to and empty folder. Only thing it creates is PropPage.ini in the same folder as the exe.

I tried Alt Enter in Windows Seven and it seems if you have several files selected in Explorer, it only opens one Property Page.  Therefore it's conceivable PropPage may be generally useful(perhaps to open several folders share settings or whatever.) For this reason I've uploaded it to my site's Hotkeys Page.

See included Readme but all info needed for usage is displayed in About Box.


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