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IDEA: Add "Notes" tab to File/Folder Properties, right after Customize...

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Why would I joke about being paid for my work?

Apparently all the COM wizards out there aren't very creative.  After all, they haven't thought creatively enough to implement such a simple thing in 13 years.

When you find one let me know. I may use it myself.

If you get paid for your work up front, then someone else owns that work, I assume. Except in rare cases I suppose, or if you are taking out a bank loan (which is not being paid up front, that's a loan you pay back).

And I wasn't insulting anyone. In previous post I used a lot of maybes, mights, and mays so things couldn't be taken wrong, but I guess they somehow were. Note that I recently have made a few people not so happy with my comments about how our society seems so reluctant to pay for software, if you think I was saying paying for dev was wrong. Dunno, you just seem grumpy.

Anyway, you don't really want to be that guy saying things are impossible do you? As you surely know, almost everything is possible - one way or another. The fact that nobody has gotten it done in this world where nobody likes to pay for software is not really that surprising ;).

Sort of OT, but valid observations, nevertheless.  And just WHAT has happened in the past to make people reluctant to PAY for software?  Is it because some may feel that that they are being exploited?  Is it because in order to have an OS, the pricing has made someone one of the richest persons in the world?  Is it because a person may want to use an "expensive" proggy just a few times and it works out to be too expensive per use?  Then just WHAT is it that moves a person to NOT want to pay for software?  It will surely be more difficult for the programmer to figure that out.

I, for instance, was always amazed at the asking price for designing/setting up a web site... $1,000?  Get real.  Then I started dabbling in making a site of my own and WOW! what an ordeal and what a lot of time it takes and what a lot of knowledge is required to make it come out right.  I recall in the mid '90's that a guy I knew made $100/hour doing Photoshop as a freelancer and I was impressed... but his investment in study and practice was mind-boggling... he earned every penny and altho "just" a programmer, he prolly had the education investment that an engineer or doctor might require.  So unless you have been down that road, it is difficult for the average person to understand the amount of work involved in "creation" where the results are saleable.  Of course now it has evolved that you pay full retail up front for a proggy, OS's are the most obvious example, and it is like buying a car with lots "missing" parts that you are "allowed" to acquire a few pieces at a time over the ensuing years, even having to replace some of those parts time and time again because the piece you "updated" caused other problems.  And finally, while they are dishing out parts to make your car more complete (when not counting their money), they are working on a new "model" and you are STILL struggling to get your original purchase altogether in one piece... then you must abandon it, buy the NEW model and spend the next few years acquiring parts for it.  That really DOES encourage piracy.  And the more useful and easy to use and productive programs are priced for "corporate consumption" and in many cases beyond the economic reach of Joe Blow.   So the logic is like music piracy... sure, it took a LOT of effort and talent and investment to make that first CD, but jeeeeez, why does the 5th million CD cost the same as the first one when all it did was sit in a CD reproducer for a second or two?  The logic then is sure, the first one may have cost a million, but number 5 million couldn't have cost more than 50-cents with the case.... and then the logic is "I would rather steal it than pay the $18.95 for a 50 cent CD.'

So guys, we KNOW who the heroes are but it may be hard to separate them from the rest. 

Back to topic.  "TipOff" does the job and well enough that I don't mind having to R click Properties and then Comment Tab to make my Notes... true, there could be an easier and faster way to make Comments but while there is no proggy to do it, I am satisfied with TipOff even tho it doesn't work on Folders... yet.  (But I AM put off by recalling the Comments that I have already made and find them highlighted which means that if I don't click first to UNhighlight my previous Comments, they disappear with the first key stroke of additional Comments! as if Comment REPLACEMENT was the idea.)  Thanks again for the help and the discussion.


@olamoree I'm glad you like TipOff.  It's been awhile since I looked at the Property Page stuff.  It may help a bit that you can highlight a file, then press Alt-Enter to open Properties instead of having to right click the mouse.

I did have some code to open to the particular tab. I'm trying to find it to see if it's adaptable to a hotkey or some easier way to open that Properties Tab.

Edit: I found the code I was using but it doesn't really do much to make it worth running as a hotkey.  Alt-Enter instead of right click is best I can do for now.


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