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DONE: Finding Mousepointer Utility

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Dear Community,

as a visually impaired i really miss a feature that i have had in earlier versions of Matrox-PowerTools (the graphicdriver-suite from Matrox).

There was the possibility to activate with a Hotkey a blinking circle around the mousepointer with arrows pointing to the mousepointer. I used this feature a lot if i have my mousepointer lose out of the eyes or if it is positioned on a color i cant recognize it very well. So i pressed the Hotkey and Voila! i know again where my mousepointer is sitting.

In the new version this feature is missing. *SNIFF*

My Logitech Software has such a feature, but i have a problem with this. If i press the Hotkey, only a one-shot circle is moving from big to small to the middle of the mousepointer. There are two problems: 1. The circle is too thin for me to see and 2. as it is a one-shot and very fast, i cant see it also.

What i wish to have is a utility that when a (customizable) Hotkey is pressed draws a thick circle around the mousepointer position in a small distance.

Extensions (if possible it would be GREAT!!!!):

- A blinking circle with two switching colors would be a big help. So the cursor can be easily seen on different background colors.

- It would be nice if the thickness, blinking colors and diameter of the circle could be adjusted.

- Wonderful will be, if the circle could blink until the hotkey is released and move together with the mousepointer when the mouse is moved. So i can track the mousepointer to get to a certain control where i want to click i.E.

I think it is not an easy to realize wishlist. But if someone knows a freeware or a reasonable priced shareware util that do that, or can implement/create such a util i will have luck tears in my eyes. You can't imagine what this will mean to me and how it will make my life easier in private and in my job.

If you have any suggestions, please help.

Very thankful in advance...

 :) How about this one?

MouseMark - Press Ctrl+M to locate the mouse.

- Two alternating crossmarks.
- Change hotkey, delay, size, thickness and color.
- To change the settings, choose Settings in the Tray menu.

You'll find the downloads and more info at 1 hour Software.


Boy oh boy, skrommel! YOU ARE THE MAN! Thank you soooooo much. It is exactly what i want and need. And so fast (just one day from wish to delivery).

Dunno if you are so good that you made it in the first shot or if my description was so good *LOL* Just Kidding!

No further change needed! Leave it as is for me! It is just right running on my first machine now. And it works perfect.

Dunno if it is by design or a "bug". You built in a feature that i really havent thought of, but it is helpful. If i press first my special key of the hotkey (i.E. CTRL) and then the other key (i.E. M), mousemark will mark the mouse and keep it marked as long as the Hotkey is pressed.. If i release then the other key first and AFTER that the special key, marking will stop as expected. So far as i thought it should work.

But now i discovered, if i FIRST release the Special-Key and THEN the other key (just the other way i described above), behaviour is another. The marking is now something like "locked" or "hold". Marking goes on even when i press no key at all. Marking stops, when i press the Hotkey again and releasing it in the "normal" way.

That feature is, as i said, very helpful too. Imagine i have to navigate a lot with the mouse to different places where i cant see the mousepointer very good. So i can lock marking ON and navigate and do what i want until i dont need marking any longer. If i only want to see where my mousepointer is, the normal marking will show me it quick and dont disturb any longer. PERFECT!!!!

Please do me a favour and accept my just made donation to you, and when it arrives at your account go out for a beer or two. I'll do it too here and so we can drink virtually a beer together.

WOOHOOO!!!! GREAT! I'm glad! *Jumping around*


 ;D Cheers, mate! Or Skål! as we say in Norway.

The sticking when releasing Ctrl before M is really a bug, but I thought it could be of use to some, and easily avoidable, so I left it in.

And thanks for your donation!


Robert Carnegie:
I have in my Windows XP "Control Panel - Mouse - Pointer options" a choice to "Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key".  It gives a dark circle drawn around the pointer, that contracts in to the point.

But it's nice to have a choice.

There is also a free download called "LecturePen" that draws a large fountain pen on the screen to follow the pointer around!  I think you can choose left or right handed ;-)


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