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I need to place data that belongs in specific dates to a calendar's specific date fields

I was thinking to create a calendar in Excel, where each cell will be a specific date, then type the data I want in a cell, then calculate the dates where the data needs to be written in, then somehow(?) automatically move the data to the correct cells of the calendar (not overwrite any existing data)

any idea how can I do this?


in case I didnt make it clear, I attach some screenshots of what I have at start and of what I should have at end:


any idea? can a function or a macro or anything else do it?

Without understanding your user/business requirements (what you need to achieve for a specific purpose), it is difficult to advise.
Having said that, I think you would be better advised to use a database (e.g., Access) for this.

Hmm. Just thinking of using Excel, which I am rather rusty in...

If the "calculated date n" is used to hold the pointer to the destination cell which is to have the data inserted, then one approach could be to treat that destination cell's contents as a string and append the "my text" string to it, using Excel functions.
But this would only work, I think, where the destination cell's contents (i.e., the existing date and any appended text) were the same format - i.e., text, in this case.
However, your destination cells in the "after" picture have a changed date format, so I guess that could imply a date format(?) and so what I suggest would be impossible.
What you seem to be doing is treating a cell as a database record, with the header index being "Date". A database would seem to be simpler.
I would recommend you don't try this with Excel as it could be attampting to bastardise the thing in an 'orrible way - that's IF you could do, which I suspect you won't be able to very easily.

It might be easier if you listed your user/business requirements (what you need to achieve for a specific purpose), and then we might be able to help more.

thanks for your reply

my requirements are nothing more than what I mentioned in my previous post, I mean, I exactly and only do what I mentioned previously

if you have any specific question, I will be glad to answer

I was thinking to use an "append" function or macro, but I don't know how to start

the target cells appear to have date format in the screenshot, but this is not necessary imo, there will be no problem them being simple text

but the "calculated dates" must be in date format, because they will update according to the date I have set as "today date"

in simple words, the script/macro or whatever, will have to take "my text" and append it to the correct calendar cell

it would be really nice if inside the calendar cells (that will contain the date at top and the appended text at bottom), the date is highlighted, formated or somehow distinguished from the other text below, so that it would be easier to the eye to see which text correspond to which date

or maybe each date cell in the calendar should be splitted into two cells, one containing the date only and the other (below) containing the appended text

last, a shortcut or button preferably should trigger the data migration/binding across the cells (from source "my text" cell, to target cells of the calendar, with calculated dates as pointers)


@kalos: I think I understand now.
If you intend to do this in Excel, then I'm sorry, but I don't think I can help much with that.
A person who is an Excel wizard might be able to help though - I don't know if there are any on the DC Forum.


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