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Captain Forever (+ Successor, Imposter and Jameson Alpha) for $9 !!

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The Captain Forever Trilogy is now on Steam. I got an email this morning, which ended up in my spam box, giving me a free Steam key for the Captain Forever Trilogy, since I bought the game so many years ago.

Good news! Captain Forever is now on Steam, and as a Captain Forever supporter you get a key.
Here it is:


This key will let you play Captain Forever Trilogy, which includes Captain Forever, Captain Successor, and Captain Impostor, all rebuilt as standalone full screen out-of-browser experiences with a new renderer, new audio, new parts, and a ton of new and revised narrative content by award winning novelist Kassandra Khaw.
--- End quote ---

So if you bought the game, check whatever email address you may have used to do so and look for that free Steam key. :Thmbsup:


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