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Captain Forever (+ Successor, Imposter and Jameson Alpha) for $9 !!

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IndieGamer points out that Captain Forever is currently on sale...

For $9 you gain access to Captain Forever, the sequel Captain Successor, the quirky sister game Captain Imposter and the alpha version of the forthcoming Captain Jameson. You'll also receive all future updates and games in the series for free.

Captain Forever (+ Successor, Imposter and Jameson Alpha) for $9 !!Captain Forever (+ Successor, Imposter and Jameson Alpha) for $9 !!

So what is Captain Forever? Well it is like Space Invaders meets Asteroids meets Elite all made out of Lego! You begin as a tiny vulnerable command module floating in space and must fight for your life, destroying the space pirates that are out to destroy you. If you manage to blow-up their command module the remaining parts of their ship can be harvested and snapped on to your own. Redesign your ship to be faster and stronger, then go out hunting for tougher foes with better kit to steal!

The game takes a fair bit of skill: you'll be using both hands (keyboard to pilot the ship, and mouse to grab components and attach them to your ship) and a good dose of strategy: knowing when to back off, setting two pirates fighting each other, shrinking down to a tiny ship to sneak inside the framework of a massive craft to take out its core.

While Captain Forever is free to play and is great fun for a couple of hours, but things really take off in the sequels...

Captain Successor adds a huge number of new components (sniper lazers, torpedos, homing missiles, sprint boosts, shields etc etc) which allow for many more ship designs.

Captain Imposter adds a whole new look and an interesting cloning mechanic, whereby you steal ship designs from your opponents.

Captain Jameson is building a whole universe with dockable space-stations, asteroid fields, more new ship components and breathable atmospheres!

NOTE: I have no affiliation with Farbs who writes the games, indeed I only discover the joys of the Captain series yesterday, but wanted to spread the word!

Enjoy :)

Really enjoying Captain Jameson...

My ship (on the left next to a space station) after an hours play...

Finally got my hands on some Beta level hardware (the yellow sniping lasers) plus a repair unit and chronos device (speeds up other modules).

Thanks for the info !

I tried Captain Forever and I just kept getting murdilized. I'd go blow up another ship and while I was trying to improve my own ship bigger, more powerful ships would come and blow me up with my half-finished Frankenstein creation.



I bought this game back when it was mentioned in this thread, but never really played it other than for perhaps an hour the day I bought it. I felt like it was still too early in development and I was waiting for it to feel more finished. (That's just the impression I had about the game then, maybe it was finished after all.)

I saw an officially licensed Captain Forever game show up on Steam recently (in late March) and looked into it but right now it's Early Access, which almost always guarantees I'm not interested (yet) in it due to too many stories about some Early Access games never delivering on their promises.

So it may or may not be good/fun for people who enjoy the Captain Forever games. That said, I've come across something else that is similar, but has been much more enjoyable for me in the small amount of time I've had to play it.

It's called Reassemly.


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