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IDEA: Change folder icon colour when folder empty

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Just testing this some more.... Is it meant to work on sub folders too?  It doest appear to....

It was only concieved to check the top folder and change if there was content, which can include sub-folders, but not the icons of the sub folders.

I have used it regulary on over 10000 folders, seems to work ok to me.

Will give the latest version a spin and report back

Hi Jody, just tested the latest version, refreshes a lot quicker
Still a refresh issue exists

Total folders processed 1845
Added 3 empty folders.
Run MT icon
1 folder changed immediately
The other two took 30 seconds, though this varied to longer on several tests.

All folders had the desktop.ini generated immediately

As mentione, I suspect it is related to this issue Windows Explorer doesn't refresh when moving/deleting

Hi there

Thanks for your feedback.

The software works great on a local drive but less successfully across the network.  I too am experiencing a delay on this.  I will try some more test folders....

I'm not sure there is much more I can do about the refresh delay except tell you that many third-party file managers do NOT have this issue.  I use Altap Salamander and see the changes immediately (even with the original version that didn't have the refresh tweaks).  *shrug*


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