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IDEA: Change folder icon colour when folder empty

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Jody, its all down to the  :'( :'("improvements" :'( :'( they made in windows :) Even F5 doesn't always get them, you just have to wait. But if its used so that you run the util, then come back later, everything has usually refreshed.

One feature that may benefit some is allowing for multiple locations to be processed, maybe from a config file. This is especially useful for those finding they are repeating the same groups of locations regularly. Maybe even the user could create several config files and select which they want to process.

Another feature would be to extend functionality to change the icon if the folder does or does not containg a specific file type. Say has ".jpg" or does not have ".nfo".

Hi all, i was looking this function many time!
Is it possible to enable multi level from a start folder?
I know this is dated post, but is a very interesting function for me!! :Thmbsup:

I have a good idea: I am looking for a program that could colour my last accessed folder (or two) within Windows Explorer just to make navigation a bit quicker. This looks the closest thing to it. Anyone want to take this on?


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