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IDEA: Change folder icon colour when folder empty

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Also once a folder has been changed to a different icon to show it's empty will be automatically change back when a file is put in the folder?  Or does the software have to be run again?

Many thanks!

Hello!  I have now read all your posts and worked out how to locate and use an icon (I should have done this before posting my last message - my apologies). 

I have also run the application on a test folder and the results are very good!  I was initially very excited! Alas when I put a document in one of the empty directories it the icon doesn't automatically change back to full. I suspect I have to run the software again for this happen?

I was wondering if anyone has had any success running this software on say a daily basis so that the folders are constantly refreshed?  We are architects and have a huge amount of data kept in a standard folders structures set up for each project we are working on.  Being able to see which folders have content in them and which do not on a live basis would be incredibly useful for us.

If anyone has any thoughts on this it would be hugely appreciated.

You have to run the util to update the folders.

One issue known in Win7-64 and possibly 32, is that windows, does not always refresh immediately, in fact it can take some time.

I have run this utility and someone looking at the same folder from another PC will sometimes see the updated icons well before I do, and I ran the util. Its not perfect, but it is better than nothing. And I believe windos is a limiting factor here.

If you use windows prior to vista look for a util called Folder Size. It adds an extra collumn in explorer shell with a reasonable figure for the size of files in the folder.

Ideally you need a Compliance Management system, but they don't come cheap

One issue known in Win7-64 and possibly 32, is that windows, does not always refresh immediately, in fact it can take some time.-magician62 (June 27, 2012, 11:12 AM)
--- End quote ---

I added a small tweak to the code to, hopefully, fix this issue.  Can you please download the archive again and re-test it?  Thanks.

MT Icon Download

The latest version works loads better!  Thanks.  I had noticed that the icons take a while to change.

Has anyone tried using this regularly on a lot of data?


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