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Map a Drive via SFTP

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Just found this, read some positive reviews and have not tested it myself.  The reviews I read pretty much say that "it just works."  Kind of a cool concept.  WinDrive seems to be the free competetion, but is not on par with reliability and speed.

Map your SSH server as a Windows network drive with SftpDrive. Our SFTP file system network enables all your Windows applications.

Don't drag and drop. Don't transfer back and forth. Just use your network files directly from your applications. Keeping track of which version of your project is on the server and on your PC is annoying. Ease the pain by just editing the project right on your server. Perfect for any web developer or programmer that runs Windows, but relies on Linux. SftpDrive network-enables all your Windows applications by enabling you to map your SSH server as a network drive.- their site:
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Sounds pretty interesting...

It's unfortunate that there are no freeware apps to do this.  WebDrive does this too and is also $40.

maybe we should try to get a discount on this.
Webdrive's license is valid for one year of updates.maybe we should try to get a discount on this.
Webdrive's license is valid for one year of updates.

I'm testing both right now, and Webdrive has a load of features that sftpdrive
doesn't (e.g. incremental backups, webDAP support) and it feels a lot snappier.
One nice thing about sftpdrive is that you can assign icons to your webdrives,
and that it doesn't download all files locally.

Unfortunately the price is now $54 for one year.

I'd get it if there was a discount...

I'm so lame... I thought I posted about this great alternative.  :-[

WinSCP3 does almost as good as sftpdrive.  What it does not do is map a drive.
What it does do, is let you connect in a Norton Commander like interface and do almost exactly the same things.  Copy, move, edit, rename, delete, etc. etc. via SSH. 

Best of all.... IT'S TOTALLY FREE!  :o  :D  :Thmbsup:

here's the screenshot  :)

PS: I tried to get a discount on sftpdrive.  They replied quickly and said they'd love to help, but aren't yet in a position to offer discounts.


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