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THQ deal week at Steam

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I liked the third one... and bought the last one today. So YMMV. :)

I liked the third one... and bought the last one today. So YMMV. :)
-wraith808 (October 13, 2011, 11:52 AM)
--- End quote ---

Guerrilla? I bought that a couple years ago but my PC couldn't run it very well. So I didn't play it much. Your comment made me realize that I should clarify my previous statement:

I've only completed Red Faction 1 & 2. I absolutely loved RF1. And I was severely disappointed in RF2. What little I managed to play of Guerrilla made me think it would be more like RF2 than RF1.

And what do you know? Today's deal is Homefront for $15 USD.

Yes, Guerrilla and now Armageddon.  I will clarify that I didn't like 1 & 2... just couldn't get into it.

And on another point - yay!  Homefront is the special of the day! Half-price at $14.99.  Low enough for me to buy it...

(UPDATE: Deo beat me to it LOL  THQ is sooo hit or miss; I'm hoping this is a hit...)

Oh yeah!  Steam ripping off the little fella again!   >:(

Because I'm obviously geographically-challenged:

Homefront - US$25
Red Faction (x) - Cheapest is US$6.66


Although I'm still not sure whether to bother with Homefront after reading the review which pointed out quite a few problems with single player.


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