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Recommend host for slide shows?

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mouser makes screencasts to show features of some of his programs.  For the rest of us, there's Jing, but Jing seems to work on either single screenshots or five-minute movies, and you can't annotate the movies.

I'd like the equivalent of Wink, i.e., a series of screenshots that can be annotated individually, and assembled into a slide show that the viewer can step through at their own pace, including stepping backwards.  Can anyone recommend a good host for such slide shows?  I don't have Flickr or YouTube accounts, and maybe somewhere else is better.  Ideally I'd like at some space free, as it's not something I'm likely to do very often.

How about one of the screensaver programs as an inexpensive option? If mouser's doesn't do the trick I think gPhotoShow would.

How about a bit of jQuery? that ought to do the trick...very simple to code as well :)

Sorry, folks, I wasn't clear.  It's not the making of the slide shows that I'm concerned about at present - it's a suitable hosting site to upload them to, so anyone with a link can see them, like Jing does.

So you want a free web host...somewhere to store the images and link people to them?


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