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RealWorld Paint 2011.1 finally complete

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Thanks for the kind words Tao, I think I understand your position. There is a way to customize RWPaint, but it is not easy. I tried to prepare something for you to play with if you want to experiment a bit.

In RWPaint, go to Tools->Application options in main menu. Check the last option (Show menu commands for layout control) on the first tab (Main Window). This will add new entries to the Tools menu. Click on "Manage layouts" in the Tools menu. Download the file attached to this post and unzip it; then click on "Import layout" in the window that appeared and select the unzipped file. This will add a specialized layout to the application.

Now, open an image. In the upper right corner of the window, you'll see "Tao's image editor". Click that. The window will change and most of the controls will be gone, leaving only those you mentioned. You can always click the "Layered image editor" text to go back to the default layout.

The simplified layout has only the 2 selection tools plus I left Transformation and Crop there as well. Transformation tool is used when you paste something in. The Resize command now accepts % for each direction. The Flip and Mirror commands are on the toolbar, but only work with entire image ignoring selection.

Creating these modified layouts is not hard for me, but teaching it to anyone else would be quite hard. The person needs to know a lot about the architecture of the software. Maybe I'll one day figure out how to make this accessible without exposing the inner complexity.


I am thinking about the Pointer tool. It is true that other editors have such tools and they are sometimes used for panning. That can be done in RWPaint by holding the middle button (the mouse wheel), so I skipped that, but I will think about it. Sometimes being too efficient is contra-productive.

That's pretty close!

For a bit of silly fun testing it out, it seemed that your avatar is a bit serious in expression. That of course leads into the Joker from Batman: "Why So Serious?"

So here is Vlastimil, as the Joker from Batman, now with an uncanny valley smile!

Heh P.S. How do you remove entries from the File Menu recent lists? Some of the pictures I edit are ... uh... NSFW, so I'd really rather not have titles such as "Buxom Blond with Big Boobies" in my file list!  ;D

Yeah, getting a decent photo of me is tremendous job. I actually did a retouch of my own some time ago ;)

To remove recent files, open a new window and click on the "Recent" icon near the left edge. Then right-click on a thumbnail and select "Remove from list".


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