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RealWorld Paint 2011.1 finally complete

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Open an animation and go to Animation->Create filmstrip and then select the maximum number of columns.
-vlastimil (November 19, 2012, 02:49 AM)
--- End quote ---

- "Animation->Create filmstrip" That's it!!  :Thmbsup:  
- Also your program is able to create an animation opening spritesheets (filmstrips) by splitting their frames.  :-*
- And I see your program already allowed "navigation between frames with arrow keys" to see the flip effect by hand  :Thmbsup:
- My other request to restrict colors would be fullfilled if you added more options on the "create image page", something similar to what iconxp presents:

I'll try to remember to look at this. I end up doing a little fast and dirty stuff to simple pics and I vaguely recall shuffling between different graphics programs (though at the moment I can't recall precisely why. Something to do with one killer feature in one program and another one in another.)

kilele, if I understand you correctly, you would like to have a function that reduces the number of different colors in an image. Something like this is already there, but it is not directly accessible. It is only used when you save to an image format that only supports limited number of colors - for example GIF or some flavors of BMP. I guess it would not be too difficult to make that function available in the main menu with making the number of colors configurable. And thanks for the donation. :)

TaoPhoenix, if you remember what was the problem, I'd love to know

... and BTW, a public beta of the next version is available on my blog. There is some exciting new stuff, mainly redesigned color/fill-style pickers and support for vector layers.

My explanation was really bad :o
I was referring to start a new image with a predefined color palette by means of some additional option on RWP's 'create' button,
please see the above screenshot of the program aha-soft iconxp starting a new project:
different pallete toolbars are enabled according to the initial options chosen by the user on the radiobutton gui 'color'.
Another of my requests would be a grid of pixels to work with the mouse pointer glued to every square, sort of a pixel-art editor, maybe that's already possible?
Checking out the new features!

I see, so you basically want to have a custom color palette and use it for example with the Pencil tool to modify pixels one by one. There is the "Swatches" panel in the current version, where you can turn off the default color and then add your own color (clicking empty space adds the currently selected color). Alternatively, if you have already drawn something, you can hold down the CTRL key and click on a pixel (while having one of the tools that draw something active), to select the color of the clicked pixel. There is also a list of recently used color to help you.

Though I would not get used to the color swatches too much as I plan to remove that panel from the future version and eventually replace it with something else.

I am sorry I do not understand what you mean by the last sentence.


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