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RealWorld Paint 2011.1 finally complete

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@vlastimil: Thanks. Have just downloaded the proggy. Will place some feedback when I have had time to give it a trial.

Hi sir, I'm searching for some program to create animations for old-school games,
I've just watched your tutorial about animations and your program looks spectacular  :-*
The animate function seems very practical and easy to use, I wonder if your program allows to make animations of any size.
It would be nice to add some features like:
- restricting number of colors to work with retro color palettes (8bit,16bit,msx,snes..)
- a function to make/organize spritesheets out of the animation frames like these ones.
- navigation between frames with arrow keys
- some special drawing tools used in pixel-art

Glad you liked it. There is no explicit limit for the size of an animation, but because all is kept in memory, there is an indirect limiting factor - the bigger the image size, the less frames may be added.

Regarding the suggestions, some of them may be possible in the current version, because you can create your own JavaScript-ed operations (except regular plug-ins). Perhaps you can also find some Photoshop's .8bf plug-ins that would do what you need.

Changing active frame with arrow keys may also be possible via a pair of JavsScript-ed operations, but that may interfere with some drawing tools (because when you for example draw an ellipse, you can use the arrow keys to move it).

Thanks for the response, I'll try to find some 8bf plugin to work with RW.
I've made a search and seems that aha-soft iconxp has some of the features I mentioned above.

Now that you have added the link to the examples for what you meant by spritesheet creation, I understand better what you meant by that. The function to place animation frames on one canvas is already there. Open an animation and go to Animation->Create filmstrip and then select the maximum number of columns.


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