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RealWorld Paint 2011.1 finally complete

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Hi all,

first of all, I would like to thank all donationcoders, who helped with testing ( and with picking the right name ( After a long I hesitation, I decided to keep the RealWorld Paint name as many of you have recommended.

RWPaint is a free image and animation editor focused on bloggers and other people who work with pictures and animations online. Notable features include:

* Support of layers with styles.
* Import and export of .psd, .xcf, .pdn formats with layers and in case of Photoshop also with some styles (is there any other non-Adobe image editor that imports layer styles?).
* Many drawing tools (pencil, image brush, rectangle, ellipse, lasso, polygon, flood fill), and photo-retouching tools (red eye remover, clone, shape-shifter (liquify-like) tool).
* All basic image effects (shadow, fill, outline, bevel, glow, exposure adjustments, content-aware resizing, colorize, shift hue) and some less usual ones like displace or environment mapping. Plus a javascript interface for custom filter creation.
* Decent gif optimizer.
* Animation <-> filmstrip conversions.
* And a cute splash:

The splash was created entirely in RWPaint and can be easily modified, because it uses just a few simple shapes and a lot of layer styles. I'll be releasing a tutorial that explains how it was made during the next week.

Oh, and here is a download link:

Reading the recent topics here on DC, I should also mention a few possibly controversial features:
1) There are silent automated updates that are enabled by default (you can disable the in application options).
2) There is an embedded Internet Explorer control that displays latest news and allows downloading of plug-ins and media packs. In the process, it must (of course) contact the web server. If you do not like that, you can again choose a different start up page in application options.
3) There is a .msi installer and a .zip portable version (native 64-bit version coming soon, but it won't be able to use Photoshop-compatible plug-ins (cause they are 32-bit), so it is better to stick with the 32-bit version if you plan to user Ps plug-ins with RWPaint). The installer does not need admin rights if you select an installation folder that is writable without admin rights.

Edit: I am totally exhausted. Going to sleep...

Wow, that is impressive.

Very impressive. If I didn't own Photoshop and needed an editor I think RW Paint would be my first choice to try.

I've not had chance to try it properly but after watching the video clips I can see you've introduced some nice improvements to what normally is on offer, e.g. I think the clone location indicator on the Clone Tool is very nice; providing good information without getting in the way.

Layer Styles are also a very powerful feature that puts RWP above lots of other editors. I like the simple tile creator too (as seen in another video clip).

I see that you've also got pen pressure capabities.

There's a lot going on here with just a "free" app. I hope the donation method provides enough reward for all your efforts.

Thanks for the kind words, I focused on features in the past and I hope I managed to implement all the fundamental ones. I feel I should switch my focus to the user interface now as there is a lot of space for improvement.

BTW for Photoshop owners, RWP can act as a portable backup sitting on an USB drive, ready to be used in an internet cafe or at work or school.

Hi Vlastimil,


My problem with Photoshop is the visual impaired unfriendly GUI. That problem is not with RWP, great. Well some seeing problem i have with RWP, but most can be workarounded by waiting for the tooltip and whatever. So whenever i need to manipulate a PSD, i gladly fire up RWP now.

I also love the easy way to install plugins (as easy as installing a FireFox plugin) and the really nice done tutorial videos.

Another big plus is the portability. RWP will have its reserved space from now on on my "Utility-Allways-in-my-pocket-Thumbrdrive". :)

Thanks for the generous offer to give it out as free/donationware. Some bucks (Donationcredits) are on the way.



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