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Main window font size

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cadyman, can you take a screenshot and attach it to your post so we can see what it looks like for you?

Here is what I see:

yep, ok i see what you mean.

+1 from me - I'd like to be able to configure the fontsize of different parts of CHS (which I use a lot) - ideally, I'd like to be able to configure most aspects of the display to suit my peculiar needs.

@candyman: Working in this area on some projects years ago, I learned that the ergonomics of computer usage can be greatly assisted by enabling user control over the variability of fonts and backgrounds, with some surprising potential benefits able to be realised.

Therefore, and FWIW: If you are finding it difficult to read some screens, then you might also consider setting the system default background colour from white to a sort of light mustard colour. In the screenshot below, you can see how CHS looks to me, having done this. For comparison, the CHS window is overlaid on the blurred background of your post and screenshot. (My screenshot was captured using the already excellent yet ever-improving DC Screenshot Captor).   :Thmbsup:

Main window font size

Studies into human visual perception have given us examples of several colour combinations that can greatly ease visual perception and assist reading comprehension. They do this by reducing the eyestrain and the visual perceptual disorganisation that arises from visually "noisy" or conflicting colours, glare and contrast, and by improving legibility. These examples include:

* Black print on a light mustard background (as in the example).
* Black print on a light grey background.
* Light green on a black background.
* White print on a black background.(Also, if you want to help yourself further, these studies have proven that serifed fonts enable speedier and improved reading/comprehension rather than sans serif. This idea of course goes down about as well with the Helvetica or Arial Fascista as does the idea of using good scientific method with the anthropogenic global warming church. See how Google's latest "new look" has gone all white and glary? Go figure. Maybe they are just ignorant.)

These studies in human visual perception also indicate examples of the absolute worst colour combinations to give perceptual disorganisation, eyestrain and probably a headache:

* Black and bright yellow combinations - including black print on a bright yellow background.
* Bright green and red combinations - including either one being used on a background of the other.
* Black and white combinations - including black print on a white background. (Yep, Gutenburg inadvertently started zapping our eyes by setting that as the customary combo all those years ago!)
By the way, I use Google reader in Chrome to do most of my reading of DC and other forums/blogs, because I can use an extension Change Colours.
I would prefer to use Firefox (my preferred browser), but I have not yet found a similarly useful script/add-on.

you might also consider setting the system default background colour from white to a sort of light mustard colour-IainB
--- End quote ---
I'll second that one! Been doing it ever since it was possible. I don't want to be snow-blind.


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