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Main window font size

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I noticed an old post asking about being able to change font size (in the main window).  I could not find any further info on this.

I find that the main window font size of the menu names is small, but OK (using Win 7).  But the actual clip text, memo text, and group names are tiny, especially for my aging eyes :D.  If the font size could be made the same as the menu item font size that would be OK.  Or if there were an option to select the size that would be even better.  Thanks for listening.

That sounds like a good idea, I will try to make it configurable.  Can't see any reason why I wouldn't be able to.

Doesn't it scale with the Windows default font size? (Haven't tried myself)

If you set Windows to 125% (120 dpi for pre-Windows 7) most apps scale to the larger font size, and so should CHS, IMHO. Why should the CHS main window have a larger font then default font size?

I believe the menu titles are at the Windows default font size. That's fine.

But the actual text below there in the other parts of the window, for example the group titles, and the actual text of the clip, are at least 3 to 4 points smaller font.  At least that's they way they display for me using Windows 7.

I tend to try to undo font scaling in my apps, just because it can mess up with the gui placement of controls.  That may be what's happening here.  I'll have a look.


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