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IDEA: prevent idle mode app


Sup all I am looking for good idle program that will keep one of my systems alive and out of idle state something that keeps mouse moving around. :)

Maybe good idea for DonationCoder to make :)

Well I think we would need a little more information. Knowing what the app was would be a good start. I mean if your just trying to keep your system from going into hibernate you can do that from the control panel.

DONE: Skrommel's Noise v1.2 should do the trick.


For this task I really like a program called Caffeine.

It works by sending/simulating a left-shift up event every 59 seconds--pretty innocuous if you ask me.

The icon sits in the system tray and can be easily toggled on/off by double-clicking.

this program, NoSleep!, would also be useful for these kind of situations...


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