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IDEA: Toggle the "Function Lock" key on after boot.


I prefer to use use Microsoft natural keyboards.  The one I have now has a glorious Function Lock key which is quite useless.  It's not too surprising that MS has this function lock key default to OFF during boot.  However, I do find it surprising - and extremely annoying - that they have no software option to change the default after a bootup.

I need to toggle Function Lock on after every boot of my computer - or get a new kb :)

 :) Jason Tsang at has made a registry fix for this.

I think, cause I haven't tested it!


My MS Natural Ergo 4000 defaults to 'On' after a reboot.

If you're interested in more Natural keyboards, give this one a try--it's pretty nice.  I got mine from Amazon (purchase by Sat for $41.29 after rebate).

(And, if you're interested, I just made a new topic requesting some functionality changes here.)

Excellent, thanks much to the fast responses!


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