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NAS Recommendations?

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Jeez... I think I'm glad I've waited. That MicroServer looks slick.

Yes, I'm still happy with mine. Re the hard drives: As I mentioned above I have six drives in mine. I think eleven might be pushing it,  from an air flow point of view. I'd call a halt at eight: four drives in the standard 3.5 bays, and four in the 2.5 caddy in the optical drive slot. Of course, if you don't need the flexibility of having eight disks (for RAID/backup/whatever), it would surely be cheaper to use a big 3.5 drive in the optical slot rather than the four 2.5 inchers. That's what I do, plus I sneak a 2.5 inch drive in behind the optical slot, with little impact on air flow.

Jeez... I think I'm glad I've waited. That MicroServer looks slick.-Renegade (December 15, 2011, 07:43 AM)
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Plus it comes with a 250GB drive already installed, so let's today's current drive prices.....that must mean that the Microserver itself is only a couple of bucks.....BARGAIN!


For anyone live in Australia, a great deal has come up from Harris Technology and is available till March 1 AEST:

Please note this is the upgraded v2 from the original RND4000, essentially the same unit as the one listed on

For AUD $248 this is a steal. And one additional big plus for this unit is it supports 3TB drives! So you can have a 12TB NAS for just $248, WTF!

Just ordered it myself from the link above, and it will be my ninth 8TB-12TB NAS appliance. I'm not affiliated with any of the above companies above, just wanna share this great deal.

Product Description:

Netgear RND4000-200 ReadyNAS NV+ v2 Diskless 4-Bay/USB 3.0 Network Storage for Home/SoHo Users - Latest Generation

ReadyNAS NV+

Store, Share and Protect Data at Home
Home media sharing has never been easier. In today’s connected world, home and office data is more valuable than ever. Smart small office and home users can now put data in one central location without sacrificing price, performance or quality. The ReadyNAS NV+ can even be used as a private cloud, securely delivering your own music, photos, videos, and documents, anywhere in the world. Equipped with the industry’s first USB 3.0 ports for blazing file transfer and backup rates.

The NETGEAR Difference
Peerless Simplicity

Optimum Price and Performance

Painless Service and Support
Access music, videos and photos from anywhere

Fast and easy backup target

Private, full resolution photo sharing

Easy To Use – Complete setup in less than 8 clicks
Expandable – Hot swappable for zero downtime expansion
Manage Remotely – Secure access from mobile devices
Worry Free – Automatic RAID management and migration tool
Backup Speed – 20% faster backup with industry first USB 3.0 support
Streaming Speed – Media streaming up to 140% faster than home NAS peers
Market Leader – #1 network storage vendor in the world
Unmatched Support – 24x7 support and 3-year warranty
App Library – Active and informative user community on

Management Console

Easy-to-use dashboard
Photo Viewing App


Package Contents
ReadyNAS NV+
4 hard disk trays
Quick Installation Guide
Warranty card
Power adapter
Power cable
Ethernet cable
ReadyNAS Installation CD
ReadyNAS Discovery Utility
CDP (continuous data protection) backup software for Windows and Mac clients
Kensington® lock security hole
Easy carry handle
Dimension: 205 H x 134 W x 223 D mm (8.07 H x 5.28 W x 8.78 D in)
Weight: 4.70 kg (10.35 lb) without disks

Integrated Backup Manager
Programmable backup button
Backup to/from CIFS/NFS/FTP/HTTP
Backup to/from USB disks
ReadyNAS Vault online backup with subscription option
Bundled backup software: CDP (continuous data protection) backup software for Windows and Mac clients

USB Device Support
USB HDD and flash drives
UPS monitoring and auto shutdown
ReadyNAS NV+ Network Attached Storage Device
4 Serial ATA channels
Compatible with SATA and SATA II HDD
Hot-swappable trays
10/100/1000 Ethernet
1 USB 2.0 port (front)
2 USB 3.0 ports (back)
Embedded 64 MB flash memory for OS
Supports Windows, Mac, Linux/UNIX Clients
Setup wizard and easy browser-based interface
NETGEAR Auto-Expandable X-RAID™

Volume Management
Single volume auto expansion (X-RAID2)
Journaled file system
User, group, and share-level quotas

Media Streaming
DLNA Certified media server
Logitech Squeezebox™
Sonos Digital Music Center
Network DVD player compatible
Windows MCE compatible
Sony PlayStation® 3
Microsoft® Xbox 360™


Product Description
ReadyNAS NV+ v2 enables Home/SoHo users to create their own private cloud so they can access their music, photos, videos, and documents from anywhere in the world. Twice as fast as the previous generation, ReadyNAS NV+ v2 features a 1.6 GHz processor and two new USB 3.0 ports. It also features a new RAIDiator 5 user interface and an enhanced ReadyNAS Photos II photo-sharing application.

Also for anyone in Australia, (I'm looking at you Renegade), the HP ProLiant Microserver N40L for $221.09, (+ $16.00 to Melbourne), from DessyTek.

Much better than a dedicated NAS because you can run what you like on it.

1000 units on order for April 4th, back orders until then - when they're gone, the price goes up.

Yes, I ordered the wife will kill me.  :(


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