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NAS Recommendations?

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FYI: I got my READNAS'es from MSY:

FYI: I got my READNAS'es from MSY:
-lotusrootstarch (October 06, 2011, 06:52 AM)
--- End quote ---

That's the thing -- I pretty much do all of my tech shopping there. If it's not at MSY, it doesn't exist for me. I've just been shocked beyond belief at the utterly insane prices of things at other stores that I've seen. Take MSY's price, and double it or more sometimes. I needed some RAM last week... sheesh... I just about s**t my droors when I compared Dick Smith's prices to MSY.

I really don't know many stores around either. Everyone I've talked to says MSY is the best by far. (Just reporting -- I really don't know.)

Is anything else worth looking at?

As for StaticIce -- first I've heard of it. I'll have a look... but I don't know any of the stores, and I'm hesitant to buy anything online here.

e.g. If I buy a book in Australia, I might get it in a few weeks (2 to 8 from what I've seen), or I can buy from the US, and get the book in a few days!?! (This has significantly scared me off from attempting to buy anything online domestically.)  

I've had horrible experiences with the postal system here as well (well, postal systems in general -- good with couriers like FedEx and DHL though), again making me somewhat gun shy to risk a $300+ piece of electronic equipment that I'd like to use immediately... Going into a retail store is just far more comforting. e.g. Malvern MSY, or maybe Clayton MSY if Malvern is out of stock.

Is Umart only online? Are the locations they list retail stores as well, or just warehouses? Seems like they have a pickup policy, but... -- Normally I would skip over a site like that -- It looks like I did the design work for it. That was an insult. :P I only ever took MSY seriously because I had several personal recommendations for it from people that I trust. (Their site design is even worse than I could possibly do.) Really bad sites just scare me off...  :'(

Anyways -- Personal recommendations from people here for good places to shop at either in retail or online domestically?


I'd just stepped out and was reading some news on my phone... Speak of the devil:

The issue of companies jacking up prices in Australia has been raised in Federal Parliament in recent months, and in August the Productivity Commission inquiry into the retail industry identified significant price discrepancies between Australia and overseas as a key driver for consumers shopping on overseas websites.
--- End quote ---

MSY are not retail stores in any traditional sense, instead they are warehouse outlets with limited and intermittently available customer advising/consulting. It's an outrage to pay twice the amount at more popular tech stores for the reason that they offer essentially the same product and level of service. I will not buy at one of these stores unless it passes four levels of price comparisons:

1. International eBay
2. Domestic eBay
3. Reputable non-eBay online shopping sites (such as COTD, TopBuy, CrazySales, etc.)
4. MSY or the stores next to MSY.

I don't remember the last time I bought anything from Dick Smith, JB-HiFi, or any similar tech retail stores.

In this case I suggest that you just ring MSY up to check and reserve stock and pick them up. Last weekend I checked every piece of info available to me before finally deciding to empty MSY's 4-bay NAS stock at Mitcham branch.

For a brand-new ReadyNAS RV+ RND4000, MSY could have charged you somewhere like $340 and have it still appear as the best option on the market.

How about Tonido?

I've done a few of these for small clients who want to set up a quick project collaboration server and they fit the bill quite nicely. Price is right too!

It's more than you're looking for, but you do get remote access (plus a whole lot more) as part of the deal. And if you spring for their inexpensive and optional TonidoPlug as your server it's green too!

Note: They have new "plug" (Tonido2) coming out soon and it looks like the old one is no longer being offered so you may have to wait (or shop around) if you want one.

Tonido is not a NAS...


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