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In search of ... someone using CAD software

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I'll run it by her, but I suspect it'll be more learning curve than she wants - unless it has changed in the last decade, AutoDesk was a bitc ... er-r-r, it wasn't easy.

OK, now that you've put it in perspective, I get it.  And don't worry, I'm still prolly a bit more dated than thee :P.  Although, that's not necessarily a contest I like to win  :down:, whether I qualify or not  :P.
[Edit:  and you're not the first to accuse me of Vulcanism  ;D.]

Google Sketchup

Solid Edge 2D is professional-quality and free.

Ashampoo has a hole range of CADs of varying complexity, plus "kitchen extension":

click thumb to enlarge:

In search of ... someone using CAD software


Free from Autodesk, not yet tried it myself.
Still beta.


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