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Newsletter for September 24, 2011 - "Fighting for Feathers"

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you can view any donationcoder forum page in a variety of mobile-friendly modes by adding something to the end of the url:
or example this thread in dif mobile modes:

* wap mode, add: ;wap
* wap2 mode, add: ;wap2
* imode, add: ;imode
So for example this page would be:


Since mouser was kind enough to mention The False Positive Report in this newsletter, I would like to update everyone to let you know that we have moved to . Thanks to Stephen6655 for setting up the Forum and adding all the mods. Although April, our other very generous volunteer, had hoped to create an SMF based site as nice as this one, it was clear that mouser's modifications to this site are extensive. I bet he's spent more time on this site than all his software combined, and the result is the best SMF based site I've ever seen. I mean, you'd never know it was a 'portal' type site. Anyway, enough flattery .. just updating the URL.


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