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Newsletter for October 31, 2011 - "Frightening Feathers"

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Yay! One of my posts got featured.
--- End quote ---

This would be a good time to remind people that if you have a post you would like to be featured in a newsletter, that did not get blogged, just send me an email to suggest it ([email protected]).

And again i lost half of a day because i neither could resist, nor i can't stop reading this newsletter.

I'm still hoping for an empty or totally uninteresting newsletter in the future so i can satisfy my boss when doing my work instead of reading. :)

Thank you again for this hours of pure pleasure.


Love it!

Such a wide range of info. With its help maybe I will be able to catch up with technology one day.


Regarding NANY 2012, here is a report on how things are progressing in this year's event.


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