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Paul Keith:

does anyone know an outliner capable of organize an outline with topics and subtopics in swimlanes?
There is a german software “Normfall Manager” that supports a “Relationsmodul” (relations module).

It is intended to support lawyers and judges.

Each litigious item gets its block (topic) in the vertical axis and each party gets its “lane” in vertical axis. Then you can add further lanes for evidence, conclusion etc.

And there are topics that span multiple lanes.
(See a picture at

Thanks in advance for any clues!
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It's really annoying though that I don't know German. The concept seems like something that could encompass my planned productivity system although at the same time - I kind of hope this is as Alexander says simply a corkboard as it would kill me right now if this software turns out to be the missing link.

From the images and my limited comprehension of German, Normfall Manager’s swimlanes approach looks quite similar to the ‘corkboard’ feature encountered in several programs aimed at writers, like Writer’s Cafe.

Other examples: Outline4D and Supernotecard and more recently Writing Outliner

The advantage of Normfall Manager is that there are also other ways to organise the material, that work complementarily to the swimlanes. So the question is whether the swimlanes are enough.-Alexander Dellaynis
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Interesting approach. Very similar layout to the "parallel" style that's used in Bible studies. Some versions show synchronized passages in different versions of the Bible. Others have a dictionary entries, maps, or historic timelines that run alongside the scriptural verses and act as a "paper multimedia" presentation.


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