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Couldn't be more disappointed in Windows 8 :(

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After months of anticipation and excitement, the W8 reveal was such as huge letdown. I was hoping for something fresh and exciting, similar to the Windows 7 M3 build. Instead, what we got is this -

- an OS designed for tablets and phones. 'Touch-first' really means 'screw you mouse and keyboard users'
- Nothing new for desktop users except inconvenience of being dropped into Metro. Ok, Explorer ribbon, file copies, faster startup, and new task manager.
- As a developer, WinRT is a failure - its only good for Metro apps, any desktop app will still need the old frameworks like .NEt, WPF, Win32

In other words, for 99.9% of the population running a desktop OS, there's absolutely nothing new and no reason to upgrade. Nothing new in the OS, nothing new for developers.
On the other hand, if you wanted to write the next version of your iPad app for Windows tablets (which won't be out for at least 6 months) you're in luck.

You do realize the whole point of this demo was to showcase the tablet UI features, right?

I don't know why people are thinking as if MS wants to shoot on their own feet.

1. This is developer preview, not consumer release RC. It is meant for developers to use Metro UI without any simulator in VS for developing apps for tablets.
2. Developer Preview focused only on Metro UI, base code is still Win 7 and nothing added to it. So this will give them idea about backwards compatibility and driver support. Again, this has nothing to do with consumers liking this preview.
3. Tiles are hard to navigate in case of laptops, desktops and netbooks. Any 5 year old can see the difference and that is why they're not making Metro Tablet UI default for desktop consumer release. I guess this news was released one month ago in ars.technica. Still people assume that metro is forced on them. Do remember that windows classic interface (98ish) is still possible in win 7. Why do you think they'll dump their user friendliness and lose the market ?
4. Cloud login and apps is something to worry about and i'm with most of the people here. I don't want to go - cloud for plenty of reasons like - slow connection, data loss, security, data ownership, data mining etc etc.
5. Win 7 apps store is for mobile/tablet user.
echo("Win 7 apps store is for mobile/tablet user")
So lets not worry about apps restriction for desktop users. Do remember the fact that large percentage of windows desktops have applications which are meant for offline usage and this will go on unless people shift their mindset in trusting cloud technology.

It's too early to make any comment on Win 8 unless they release RC 3 or RC 4 aka Final Build as per tradition. Win 7 picked up popularity after RC3 AFAIK. I'm waiting for these instead of tablet preview, media center preview or dev preview.

Not sure where you've been for the last 10 years, but for most people the desktop is not their primary computer. That ship has sailed. Their phone, tablet or other device is what is increasingly what they turn on first. MS currently has almost no share of that market, but are gunning for it. The desktop PC is that boring thing they create spreadsheets on at work and couldn't care less if it disappeared tomorrow.

Not sure where you've been for the last 10 years, but for most people the desktop is not their primary computer.
--- End quote ---
You mean those who have no work on computer other than checking mails, listening to music and spending time on social network ?

This huge shift is happening for them last 2 years and not last 10 years. That's exaggeration at it's best.

As for desktop computing, it's not just about spreadsheets. Educational and research usage of computer will always remain on desktop. Same goes for developers and many other domains in computing. It's funny to imagine developer typing 1k lines of code on tablet and then compiling on ARM Processor for next 5-6 hours(heard of mainframe programs?). Same goes for music, animation and other development areas where desktops for speed and dev. tools are irreplaceable.


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