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Couldn't be more disappointed in Windows 8 :(

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I'm with Renegade.

Gadgets! Gadgets! small gadgets! tiny gadgets! Tiny, dirty, smudgy, screens. Here today, need a new one tomorrow gadgets! Gadgets are only distantly related to computers.

Computers are entirely different animals.  Mine has its own room. It has two screens. I call them The Twins. It runs a writing program, a word processor, a database, and a note taker, an information manager, a dictionary, a thesaurus, and maybe a browser, while downloading email. The hard drive contains, besides the OS, upwards of thirty programs - all of which I use regularly.   Do without it?   I'd rather slit my throat.

Oh yeah. I have a laptop. Nice screen. I use it rarely. Only when I go out of town. I have one gadget, a cell phone. I use it to make calls.

I posted a bit about Windows 8 from a developer's perspective.  There are a few things about the relationship of Metro to the classic windows desktop in there also...


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