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MilesAhead: How do we use Quick AVI Creator?


Miles, i know you have experience with this and it would be valuable for me and others to understand this.  How do we use Quick AVI Creator?  The goal is to take the videos I've made using MakeMKV and reduce them to a file size that would be playable on the oldest of machines (so around the "pirate" size of 700MB - 1.5GB normally).

I need it to go from mkv to avi because I don't want to have to rip my dvd's again, as I've already done that with Makemkv.  This program "sounds" like it's perfect, but I just get confusing errors and windows that pop up that I have no idea what to do with.  There are no guides, no help, no wiki, nothing.  As usual with video editing tools.

So please, this would be a huge thing.  Makemkv was already a blessing in its one click solution to ripping dvd's.  This would be the next, final step for me.  WIth these two tools, I can do pretty much everything I need.  Thanks.

(I would have PM'd but I figure this is of general interest to people)


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