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Screenshot Captor Bug: Large frame around active window captures with background

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Ok I'm going to try a fix for this.

Though this thread is rather old, I would like to "re-open" it, because I'm experiencing the same with Windows 8.1
With default settings, I get the frame around the active window shot (Screenshot 1)
When de-activating all Options under Preferences-->Windows Capture 1/2, I get the Windows Vista/7 window close "X", not the Metro one (shot 2).
Using another screenshot tool (yes I confess), I get a proper image (shot 3).

What are the correct settings?????

I think if you just uncheck that option on "Window Capturing 1" that says "Try to capture Aero Glass", it should work just like the 3rd screenshot.
I'm trying to think what would have caused it to give you the Vista look in screenshot 2.. i wonder if one of the odder options you changed caused that..

If you capture entire screen, you get proper Metro look right?  In that case there is no reason that SC shouldn't be able to give you the same look at screenshot 3 if you turn off the attempt to grab transparency..

When I only uncheck capturing Aero Glass effect, and leaving default option in "Window Cpaturing 2", I get the same as in shot 2.

Yes, capturing the entire screen gives proper Metro look.

P.S. would it help to send you some .ini file? (I'm using the portable version of SSC) ?

sure, send it over ([email protected]) -- i might be able to set up a metro virtual machine i can try.


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