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Screenshot Captor Bug: Large frame around active window captures with background

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Attached are two screenshots, one was over a window with just a white background, the other over a window with text.  In both cases the border extends beyond the Active Window being captured.  (You can't see the first one's border easily due to the white background of this post.)

Changing the default of '20' to '0' for the setting mentioned in my prior post seems to have stopped this from happening.  But I don't know if I've now lost some other function as a result of this change, as I've never had to make any changes to these areas before now.

Ok well it looks like it's not capturing alpha transparency for you at all.

I suspect it's because the parent window is behind the application options.

Can you try putting it back to larger border, and move the dialog off the main window and try capturing the dialog again?

If so at least i'll have a clue about the problem.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by 'parent window' and 'move it off the main window'?  If you mean Screenshot Captor's window, it is minimized all the time to systray icon, I do not have any dialogs come up related to screencapturing (it just quietly autosaves).

So, I moved my desired active window away from the other programs' windows.  I put it out over my desktop, which has no wallpaper or other effects, and is set to black background color (though aero is on which has its effect).  

This screenshot has a very small border with the shadow, around the active window, which I assume is the intended result with the default setting.

I tried a few more screenshots, positioning my active window over different windows from various sources.  Some have the big border problem, some have the tiny shadow border.  So yes, you're right -- there must be some difference in handling depending on what window is behind the active window.

depending on what window is behind the active window.
--- End quote ---

My guess is that the problem occurs when the active window you are capturing is a child dialog owned by the process that it is in front of.

Does that make sense?

I've now tried with a few different child dialogs from various programs, putting them over their own parent window as well as over other windows.  Several of these dialogs did not have the border problem at any time, even over their own parent windows.

But yes, when the problem does show up, it so far seems 100% true that it will only happen when the child is over its own parent window.


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