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I thank all those who have donated



Because of you, those of us who cannot afford to donate can download many great programs.

wanted to point out something else.
we have also used the donations by people to this site, to make donations to other people whose free software we use here, so we are spreading the wealth.

we have made donations to smf forum software, inno setup, swfdraw, winpcap network engine, phpdig search tool, and others.

your donations have also funded the purchase of a movabletype license which runs the blog columns.

i think that a bulk of the donations is now going to get spent on an upgrade to a new hosting provider which should give us some space and bandwidth to grow on, since we are just about hitting the ceiling on this host.  on the plus side, i think the new host should provide us with some spare disk space and bandwidth, so if anyone has any suggestions for ways we could put these to good use, please let us know.  we could provide web space to freeware authors who don't have a good web provider, or similar..


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