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Finally! More game-based productivity tools


Paul Keith: via Reddit

That looks cool!  Thanks for sharing!  I've never been sold on the whole technique- but this will make me give it a try!

Paul Keith:
sigh When it rains, it pours. Motivation RPG is more of a clunky to-do list that has exp.

Great thing about this though is that at least it's not some app idea and is totally browser based and available for everyone.

Paul Keith:
Ugh...just want to update and say, Pomodorium is just a trial.

I honestly would have preferred if this was clearer in the program but if you don't check the help file, you'll clear three maps before realizing it is shareware. The good news is that it seems the timer itself has no limits.

For those who want to head straight to the buy link, here's the direct url:


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