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Linux distros that work with Dell Laptops' 1397 mini-wifi card & Broadcom router

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For anyone who owns a Dell laptop and wants to run a Linux distro:

Many Dell laptops come equipped with the Dell WLAN 1397 mini-wifi card.  I've had a Dell Inspiron 1545 for several years, and have tried several Linux distros.  The only two I have found that detected my Broadcom router's wireless easily, without any hassle on my part, are xPUD and LucidPuppy.  LucidPuppy was a breeze, and looks very nice.  Very attractive icons and overall theme.

If anyone is interested, I recommended installing LucidPuppy to USB, along with a variety of recovery, antivirus, and other ISOs, via SARDU.

The only thing you may need to do to enable wireless router connection on your Dell laptop is copy any subfolders in C:\Drivers to the root of the /puppy/ folder on your USB pen-drive.

Great stuff!!  :up:

Wow, thanks for the tip, kyrathaba!

Note: at first, I was having to re-enter my wireless WEP passphrase each time I logged in, but after downloading updates, and copying my drivers to the USB, it picks it up automatically everytime I run LucidPuppy.  Firefox and Chrome seem faster too: not only more responsive, but they seem to download some large test-files a bit faster (2-5 seconds faster on 500 Mb test files).

Here's a screenshot of my LucidPuppy desktop on my laptop, thus far:

Linux distros that work with Dell Laptops' 1397 mini-wifi card & Broadcom router

I've gone thru several distros that supposedly recognise my dell 1397 wireless card, and am now trying lucid puppy with no success. Where have I one wrong? Any advice on setting it up? I have tried the Broadcom packages that come with puppy and none of them work. Please help before I give up and go back to windows


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