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NANY 2012: Promotional Videos (With Bonus Competition)

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Hey guys,

Anybody up for a secondary competition for NANY 2012?

To make a long story short...We want you to produce a NANY 2012 Promo Video! It can contain whatever you want, be it dramatic, moody, really doesn't matter!

Try to keep them around 30 seconds (As a typical advertisement would be).

The person who creates the best video will receive a Very Special NANY 2012 Mug! - Thanks to mouser for the added bonus! (Design Pending)


Lets get started...

This first one, is a 2 minute promo video and doesn't actually submit to the rules of this competition, so is excluded!

(Video Contains Sound)

This second one DOES conform to the rules of competition, but I am not submitting ANY of my work to the competition so it keeps things more fair xD

(Video Contains Sound)

This one uses some random stock video footage as well as audio. :)

(Video Contains Sound)

Watch Them on Youtube!

(Video Contains Sound)
-Stephen66515 (September 10, 2011, 03:48 PM)
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The suspense created by that sound is awesome :Thmbsup:

I still want to enter a pledge, but I'm not sure what project to start as there haven't been many requests lately :-\

I have a few things that I'm working on for 2012, just not got around to pledging them yet haha

I think going for over-the-top exaggerated hyperbole and humour is the way to go with these..

I think going for over-the-top exaggerated hyperbole and humour is the way to go with these..
-mouser (September 10, 2011, 04:22 PM)
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I totally agree, the crazier the better!

Id love to see some with actual video, rather than the things I made (Static background with some captions and music)

Maybe some movie trailer type ones, or even videos of yourself in crazy places, doing crazy things (Doesn't even have to relate to the event, so long as the text and the final moment say NANY 2012 to the viewer)

Thats just my opinion though :P


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