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NANY 2012 Pledge & Final Release: Paste Text Like

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Hello Anand.

Here are some suggestions.

What if the Settings "locked" your preferred style of pasting? For example, I'd always want to paste stuff Plain Text, Proper Case, Remove Double Spaces. Aka, there's "almost never" a reason I'd use Inverse case or caps, have double spaces, etc.

So then if your favorite style is "locked" then you just let your muscle memory work Control-V happily. Right now it feels clunky because I have to stare at the menu and pick two levels of choices and right now, it's faster to fix certain mistakes than use your program! (But only small ones!) But with "locked settings" then you're definitely on to something! I will soon be doing a ton of "cleanup processing" at work. Of course, pulling up the menu "overrides" the "locked setting", so for example I'd paste some text with lines because the lines need to be there, 20 times, but then once for some other purpose go the "long way" and paste it No Lines, that one time.

Another small request. Make the "make valid file name" have an option to use - dashes. I like dashes. I hate underscores : )



P.S. I like CamelCasing, it lets me make hybrid words that I combine for file names, like AppsExamined NotResponded ToFile etc. Not sure how to systematize that though. Very roughly it's like "delete every second space, starting after the first ____ spaces", Which is 0 if you want the first two words joined, or else it skips a space because the first word is okay as is, (like a client last name) then the rest become the hybrid adjectives.

Thanks @TaoPhoenix for the suggestion.

I also use 'Remove All Blanks' many a times in a day. Having a locked style will definitely benefit. Also I will try you suggestion on filename. I wanted to make a release before Christmas, but looks like Santa is sending more project work to me now  :)



anand, if you want to make any more changes/updates to the program before releasing it, let me know. It's a great app, and we want to get it screencasted as soon as possible. The way mouser and I know these apps are ready is when the authors change "Pledge" and/or "Early Beta" in the OP title to include the word Release.

anand, what do you mean by the planned "Pasteboard " feature, please?

kyrathaba I have changed the title to 'Release', so that you can take it after midnight. I will try to add any polish, if possible, before that.

Enhancements based on feedback will continue, as I get time.

rjbull, "Pasteboard" feature is something like when you copy any text in any program, it is automatically saved in a file sequentially. I do not think, I will get time for it now, as I am busy finishing "Stick A Note". Give me another 2 weeks or so.




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