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NANY 2012 Pledge & Final Release: Paste Text Like

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NANY 2012 Entry Information
Application Name Paste Text Like Version 1.5.0 Short Description Paste Text Like gives options to paste a text from clipboard in various format Supported OSes MS Windows Xp or higher Web Page Author Anand K Gupta

Gives option to paste the text from clipboard, in different format, like Proper case, valid file name, hex color value, remove blanks etc. Also option for mimic typing, auto pasteboard and view the color, if possible.

Use hotkey Win+v instead of Ctrl+v for Paste Text Like options.

Right click on tray icon and select Settings`, to define the hotkey and other values.

Say we make a expenses spreadsheet and put heading as "Expenses from 01/04/2011 to 15/04/2011". We will like to save the file as the header text, but when we copy and paste "Expenses from 01/04/2011 to 15/04/2011" in the save dialog, the OS throws error message. Ok, we know '/' is not supported as file name, but
can't the OS convert it itself. Paste Text Like gives option to paste it as "Expenses from 01_04_2011 to 15_04_2011".

When we copy large chunk of text from say a mail which has many blank lines and paste in a new mail, we may like to remove all double blank lines. Instead of doing it manually after paste, we can use Paste Text Like to remove the blank
lines and paste the text.

I can not tell how many times I have faced a situation where I got feedback of my App, where say after selecting a given prodcut name, the App is giving error. Now to check this I have to manually type the product name, no matter how complex it is (some medicine names) though it was given in the feedback mail. Simply coping and pasting on a list box do not work. Paste Text Like can mimic a typing of the clipboard text.

Planned Features
Pasteboard and Show color options


Unzip all the files into a directory you want, then launch it.

Using the Application
Press hotkey Win+v instead of Ctrl+v for Paste Text Like options.

Delete all files and emove the folder.

Known Issues
Beta version, not complete yet. Hope to get some feedback and suggestions.

Er, not to throw a wet blanket, especially as yours will have your own slightly different twist.  You might like to look at these similar apps:

* Free Data Capture Tool (FDC)
 first mentioned on DC by kfitting, I think
* Text Monkey
 both freeware Lite and payware versions
* Clippy
 The one I found first and used most.  The Web site is often down, and the file is small, so I'll attach it here.
Clippy doesn't have sentence case, which is something you might like to consider.

Yes, I agree @rjbull. I have tried them earlier and in fact am a satisfied user of ArcClip now, and mentioned ArsClip as similar program on the website.

But similarity ends there. All others are clipboard manager, in the sense they give scripts, edit capability, plugins etc. Paste Text Like does the most sought after job directly. In fact ArsClip has many options which I took idea for Paste Text Like, but to accomplish them in ArsClip I have to go through further dialog options and settings. I designed Paste Text Like to work more intuitively and directly for normal users.

Thanks for the feedback.



Sounds like a great idea if it's going to be more friendly for the average user.

One suggestion, if it's even possible, would be to have a preview of how the text will be formatted before it is pasted. In other words, to make it even more intuitive to use.

One suggestion, [...] would be to have a preview of how the text will be formatted before it is pasted.-nudone (September 11, 2011, 04:58 AM)
--- End quote ---
Text Monkey gives you a preview, but, sometimes it gets in the way.  You end up doing extra Alt-Tabbing between apps.  Clippy has a particularly nice approach in that you can set up one or several operations in a group, and apply the entire group in one go with a hotkey.  You change between groups with a right-click on the tray icon, but, I think you can only have one hotkey at a time.  I haven't tried FDC.

@anandcoral: you're simply saying your program focusses on offering the most commonly-needed text manipulations, with a specially easy interface?


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