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Screenshot Captor Auto Upload/ftp/imageshack/dropbox/etc using ZUploader

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UPDATE 3/26/13:
Regarding the instructions below -- while SC still works well with ShareX (and ShareXmod), it also now includes it's own built-in uploader which is considerably easier and faster to use.

I wanted to start a new thread about the new support in Screenshot Captor for uploading and sharing screenshots using the free open source ZUploader 3rd party tool.

From Screenshot Captor you will see help for installing ZUploader in the options

* A checkbox to auto queue in zuploader after taking a screenshot
* A menu item in tray to upload last file
* A menu item in the SendTo menu of the post capture pop-up dialog
* A tool menu item in the main Tools menu.
In short, just install ZUploader and Screenshot Captor will know how to use it.

Let me know how it works for you -- any questions or comments.  And if you are a heavy user of this feature, please send a donation to the developers of ZUploader (see button in program window).

In Options:

In main window Tools menu:

Screenshot Captor Auto Upload/ftp/imageshack/dropbox/etc using ZUploader

In System tray menu:

In optional quick post-capture dialog:

Thanks for posting that. It's out for me though. GPL. :(

If anyone has a non-GPL suggestion, I'm all ears. I'm fine with LGPL, BSD, or pretty much anything else. Just not with viral licenses like the GPL. (Not that I'm against it -- it's just not for me.)

Well you might care about gpl if you were planning on incorporating the source code into your own application -- but this is a case where i am simply invoking the unchanged executable not making use of the source code.

Anyway -- let's keep this thread just for discussing the integration of ZUploader with Screenshot Captor.

ZUploader does a nice job -- it's never been easier to share a screenshot from Screenshot Captor:  Two clicks and your SC image is uploaded to imageshack anonymously with a url copied to your clipboard that you can share with your friends.

Or configure one of the other private upload account options for more privacy.

Finally I think we have simple, fast and flexible image uploading functionality for SC.

Good job ZUploader!

Anyone tried it yet? I'm really loving ZUploader and I'm thrilled to finally have a good solution to all of SC's uploading/sharing needs.

I had a great talk with the lead developer of ZUploader who expressed a willingness to add features if people come up with any.  I think one natural one might be allowing you to select multiple files at once from the thumbnail panel to upload in one operation (right now you have to select them one at a time if they weren't auto uploaded).

Any other feature requests? Any other feedback on the feature?  Anyone having any trouble getting it to work?


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