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Must-have apps in the System tray?

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..., M8 Free Clipboard, ... -Curt (April 16, 2007, 12:46 PM)
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...  M8 Free Clipboard, but looking at its Web site, it looks pretty limited in comparison with some of the other free clipboard extenders.  ... -rjbull (April 18, 2007, 06:12 AM)
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The homepage of M8 is a little strange, I think: the best / smartest features of the M8 Free Clip are not mentioned! But take a closer look at the options and think about what those buttons will do to a clipboard - Form Filling, Internet Bookmarks, Dial, e-mail, and Run/Open:

[Edit1+Edit2: This is VERY embarrassing to me: Guess what, these links are teasers to get you to buy the $$ version; the Free Clip will not remember these smart links - they will 'roll off' as soon as you add new clips! These features are only teasing. But, as I wrote in another post, I do not want my clipboard to boil my eggs, I just want it to manage the clips, so I never tested the program's memory on this. Big time SORRY! ]

- plus:
Outlook Compatible

* One of the features of M8 is that you can paste any screen or graphic directly into the body of an Outlook Express email. With most other programs, you have to save graphics as JPEGs and then attach them.
Clip Editors

* M8 has onboard editors for both text and graphic clips. The text editor has text cleanup utilities to remove HTML formating, email indents and hard returns.

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I think M8 Free Clip is quite competitive.   :Thmbsup:


I think M8 Free Clip is quite competitive.   :Thmbsup:

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And it barely uses up 1,500ks of vm!

And it barely uses up 1,500ks of vm! -dantheman (April 26, 2007, 03:38 PM)
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I imagine that "1,500ks" is 1.57 MB, but what is "vm"? 
- this "IT-analphabetic Dane" is asking.   :-[


another little feature:

vm size, "working set" - the amount of memory the process uses that windows will try to keep in memory. This includes private as well as shared memory the program uses, so it's not a good indication of how much memory the program really occupies. This is the figure that task manager shows by default.

Thanks, f0dder, for the rapid explanation.

My Process Explorer says 4 MB "working set" and 61½ MB "virtual size" right now.


The "1.57 MB" was the size of the program in Add/Remove.


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