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Must-have apps in the System tray?

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I think a greater kind of LOVE is a must-have in the system tray!-Curt (June 09, 2007, 03:50 AM)
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Curt, all those Babylon integrations seemed to have made you into a wordsmith.. :)

 :D  :-[


Directory Opus: My favorite file manager.

Billy: A very lightweight no-nonsense music player.

Macro Express: I use this mainly to auto click on program controls like 'I agree'..sort of like 'Push That Freaking Button'.

Direct Folders: I use it to quickly jump to frequently used folders and for the 'click switch' feature.

Browser Tray Switch: I want to set Firefox as default browser while at home and IE while at work. I use BTS for this.

StrokeIt: For mouse gestures.

PhraseExpress: One of the most useful software I've ever used.

ClipX: My favorite clipboard manager. Clipboard menu has 2nd item highlighted by default and that's excellent thinking w.r.t usability on part of the creator.

Find And Run Robot: What I like about this is the advanced features like aliases and plugins. But when it comes to raw speed, my ex launcher, Executor is awesome.

AutoHotKey script: This is a simple one in which I have set hotkeys for common programs like Word, Outlook, IE..

ClipX: My favorite clipboard manager.
-sri (October 12, 2009, 10:22 AM)
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Are you running Vista and a beta ClipX, sri? I didn't bother to try ClipX  the first time I met it  because the "last stable version" was from 2005. ??

I am on XP and use v1.0.3.9 beta 7 that's released on Jul. 6th, 2008 according to ClipX's homepage,


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