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How long will it take you to adopt Windows Vista as your OS?

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It depends how many 64nit programs and drivers are available at this time.
But I think I will wait 1 year after release before I will buy it

I probably won't upgrade to Vista until XP has hit end of life and will no longer receive security updates....about 5-6 years after Vista is released for general use.

I still have 9x on my other pc and only recently finally got XP...and only because I have a new pc that came with it.

And the thing I hated most with XP out of the box is that childish look it has with XP themes. I have it set to use the classic 9x look...I like it much better and think it's much more attractive. I will NOT be upgrading for silly eye candy.

I will have to be FORCED to I was forced into XP.

and as far as Office forcing me...not gonna happen...I still have and use Office 97....and an older full version of 602Pro PC Suite...and Open Office is a viable alternative.  ;D


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